“To make a difference with employees with high competence, motivation and performance.”·         This is the main goal we want to achieve! Human Resources policies adopted in Stark Menu serve two important purposes;·         These:·         • Motivating individuals to take responsibility, take initiative and thus take ownership of their jobs and the results of their jobs.·         • To ensure that our employees are more successful in their business goals by encouraging teamwork while developing the individual.·         We believe that we can better focus on the goals and human resources and highlight the role of people’s added value in the success of the business.·         Our Human Resources Practices;·         With our organizational structure, we evaluate our employees in tasks where they can use their potential effectively and create value in achieving Stark Menu’s main goals.·         • We carry out our Human Resources processes through professional systems.·         • We make an objective and fair evaluation by considering the qualifications, personal skills and individual performances required by the job.·         • We create a safe and healthy work environment by ensuring that our employees are informed about the goals of the unit they work in and the expectations of our brand from them.·         • We provide the necessary training and development opportunities for our employees to improve themselves and do their jobs better.·         • We charge objectively and fairly all Stark Menuliers who adhere to Stark Menu values ​​and business principles and meet expectations in line with the value they create for the company.

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