The quality policy of Stark Menu Leather Products Hotel Equipment Tur.San.Tic.Ltd.Şti is based on “customer satisfaction”.The aim of Stark Menu Leather Products Hotel Equipment Tur.San.Tic.Ltd.Şti is to provide products that comply with the superior standards and technical conditions it sets.In order to ensure permanent customer satisfaction, it is measured and evaluated whether customer requirements are met and the changing expectations of the customer are announced to all employees, and product development and certification studies are carried out when necessary. Training courses are organized to raise awareness of the dealers, the slightest dissatisfaction with the product offered is taken seriously and corrective action is taken.In Stark Menu, “happiness of the employees” is the most important condition for achieving customer satisfaction. Decisions are made on the basis of “participation” by taking the opinions of the relevant employees. It is ensured that individuals are equipped with sufficient knowledge and skills to assume authority and responsibility related to their jobs. An environment where everyone embraces their job and is happy with what they do is aimed. Although responsibility is individual, teamwork is encouraged, team success is kept ahead of individual success.In order to increase the competitive power of the company in the markets, it is important to save money by acting with “cost awareness”. In line with all these principles, Stark Menu; strives for “continuous improvement” in order to get even better from its current position.

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