“Customer Orientation” forms the basis of Stark Menu’s customer satisfaction policy. We continuously improve our processes in line with customer demands and expectations and aim to establish long-term relationships with our customers.In order to make customer satisfaction permanent, it is measured and evaluated whether the customer requirements are met and the changing expectations of the customer are announced to all employees, product development studies are carried out, and improvement activities are carried out by taking the slightest dissatisfaction with the product offered seriously.Any feedback of our customers is perceived as a gift by us. With our long years of experience and customer-oriented service, we use all the resources we have to transform these feedback into “customer satisfaction”.Stark Menu is based on transparency in its relations with customers, where customers can easily convey their demands and dissatisfaction, they are handled objectively, fairly, carefully and confidentially, are evaluated in a way not against legal conditions and our company policy, necessary improvements and controls are constantly made to prevent the same dissatisfaction. adopts the resolution of all customer dissatisfaction as the main principle and follows a customer-oriented approach.

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